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pinkandfancy's Journal

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got my single girl swag on.
INTERESTS backstreet boys. GLEE. megan fox. Slushies. Fashion magazines. Camping. celebrity gossip. Mark Salling. Cory Monteith. Lea Michelle. Naya Rivera. The whole damn GLEE cast. palm trees. Beaches. Laying out. Martinis. My chemical romance. Bonefires. Starbucks. Aquafina flavored water. Vera Bradley wristlets. The Vampire Diaries. Paul Wesley. Blackberry painting nails. aerosmith. Manicures. American idol. Abdc. Aubrey o’day. Paula deen. Atlanta. Real housewives series. Redcross.org pray for japan ♥ . Shriner’s hospital. Charities. Jane Lynch. Winning! The Kardashian Sisters. Rob Kardashian. blueberry muffins. Jersey shore. Days of Our lives. Justin Timebrlake Nsync. Iced Coffee drinks. Fishing. Working out. Lauren Conrad. The Notebook. Vince Vaughn. Jennifer Aniston. Gerber Daisies. Jennifer Lopez. Steven Tyler.