♥January 18th, 2010 @ 04:11PM♥
the bucket list!
001. go to the White House/ Meet President Barack Obama
002. write a book about my life.
003. publish my journals as a book.
004. work for Shriner's hospital. *
005. learn how to ride a bike.
006. learn how to skate.
007. party in a random/empty warehouse.
008. have a drink named after me.
009. build a adult-human treehouse.
010. build a campaign against "texting while driving".
011. save a life.
012. do missionary work.
013. go to a foreign country and live for a year.
014. learn at least 2 other languages, preferably italian and spanish.
015. get certified in sign language.
016. design your own fashion line.
017. get at least one meaningful tattoo.
018. see at least 5 concerts a year.
019. spend every sunday with my nanna.
020. fall in love.

List will be continued... 19CMNT?